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Syntrex™ converts waste 02-Diesel 03-Biomass 04-PolllutionPrevention 05-GREET

SynTerra Energy converts waste into drop-in fuels. The integration of two disruptive innovations make it possible to economically deploy small plants close to the waste feedstock source. SynTerra’s fuel products are direct petroleum replacements with premium qualities. > MORE


Small, distributed systems
with “large scale” economics
The Syntrex™ platform, developed by SynTerra over a six-year period, integrates two disruptive innovations Solids Steam Reforming and One-Step Hydrocarbon Production.

Traditional gasification technologies and syngas to liquids technologies are only economical at very large scale. Syntrex™ achieves “large scale” economics in a small plant design that is designed specifically to address the distributed waste market.

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Fuel & Chemical Catalysts:
Syntrex™ Diesel Fuel Catalysts have been engineered to allow for the direct production of a high quality diesel fuel.

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